Born in Calgary, Alberta the son of an Ontario entrepreneur and a Saskatchewan farm girl, I was raised with a special love for business and freedom.  On my mother’s encouragement I tested out of the public school system and enrolled in college at the very young age of 14.  By age 16 I graduated with honors with a 2-year Business Computer Systems degree.  During this time I helped organize a nationwide youth organization which later became Youth For Freedom (the inspiration behind Alberta’s Liber Youth Retreat).

At age 17 I enrolled at Brigham Young University and participated in their study abroad program in Jerusalem.  After serving an LDS mission in South Africa, I followed my passion for freedom and transferred to a small classical liberal arts college (now George Wythe University) where I double majored in Entrepreneurial Business and Political Statesmanship.  After completing both of my Bachelor’s Degree programs I started my small business consulting firm Millennial Marketing & Management Solutions.  Over the past 16 years my clients have included:

  • 4 Construction Companies
  • 4 Internet Retailers
  • 2 Non-profit Organizations
  • 2 Financial Services Agents
  • 2 Real Estate Agents
  • 1 Attorney
  • And a Vocal Coaching Franchise

In 2002 I met and married a Cardston girl and I was recruited by a public charter school in Arizona to teach History & Government.  After 4 years we decided to venture back into the invigorating uncertainty of entrepreneurship where I continued improving and building other people’s businesses.

Finally in 2010 we moved to Cardston to work on a business idea of my own, a personal mentoring network dedicated to helping people in almost every aspect of their lives.  After 2 years of overcoming obstacles, the project proved too big to properly launch with the meager resources available to us, so we accepted a generous job offer managing Cardston’s South Country Inn.  During that time, I volunteered to serve as the Treasurer on the Cardston Chamber of Commerce Board.

Serving on Cardston’s Town Council over the past 4 years has given me the opportunity to sit on over a dozen local and regional committees, where I have learned principles of responsible municipal governance.  Specifically, I have had the opportunity to learn from and work with Alberta governance experts, George Cuff and Doug Griffiths.  In addition, I have built strong working relationships with our current MP, Glen Motz, as well as our current MLA, Grant Hunter.

In November 2017 I will complete my Master’s Degree in Leadership from the University of Guelph.  It is my desire to continue to leverage my experience to benefit the town and the region.

I volunteer to do so.  I’m here to serve.



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