Who is Bill Peavoy?




  • BA in Entrepreneurial Business from George Wythe College
  • For 16 years I have owned and operated my small business consulting firm, Millennial Marketing and Management Solutions, whose clients have included:
    • 4 Construction Companies
    • 4 Internet Retailers
    • 2 Non-profit Organizations
    • 2 Financial Services Agents
    • 2 Real Estate Agents
    • 1 Attorney
    • And a Vocal Coaching Franchise
  • 3 years as General Manager of South Country Inn
  • Previously Treasurer of Cardston’s Chamber of Commerce


  • BA in Political Statesmanship from George Wythe College
  • Completed BYU Jerusalem International Study Abroad Program
  • Created 2 Non-Profit Organizations
  • Countless hours volunteered in scouting, local youth programs, local charities and church commitments.
  • Lifelong student of history and government including trends and cycles
  • Volunteer lobbyist for Concerned Citizens of Cardston Group
  • I’m here to serve.


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3 thoughts on “Who is Bill Peavoy?

  1. Bill, I would like to know your position on increasing town facilities. I am working with a group of people to look at the feasibility of a Sports complex to meet the needs of the football, rugby, baseball, track athletes in town. Such a venture might require a corresponding increase in the tax rate given the need to maintain and support it. What is your position when it comes to choosing to improve facilities at the cost of more taxes in our community.

    • Excellent question Lloyd. This morning I discovered that this question got lost in wordpress “comment moderation” but I have added a detailed answer to this question in my Q&A page. I am grateful that there are wonderful people working on this and the efforts certainly have my support as long as the tax implications are proven justifiable.

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